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Port Operations for Vessels

Our Services

EMCO seeks to optimize the operations of its different client vessels, including container ships, cruise ships, tankers, supply boats and general cargo vessels, through the provision of safe, hassle free and innovative shipping services. EMCO is dedicated to take care of its client vessels and their cargo while docked in any of the Egyptian Ports that it serves.

  • Secure safe transit, secure docking and cargo services.
  • Attend to various vessels promptly using tug boats and barges.
  • Regular pre-arrival notification to cargo receivers.
  • Advise on local port regulations, customs laws, necessary precaution measures.
  • Apply rebates, refute additional charges when possible/necessary, and avoid unexpected fines/breach of port rules.
  • Legal expertise and advising in case of any dispute or cargo claims with any party.
  • Prepare load/Discharge bay plan during vessel operation.
  • Completion of Required Documentation by Authorities in all Egyptian Ports.
  • Detailed D/A estimation prior to arrival.
  • Pre-arrival and Notice of Readiness notification to cargo receivers/shippers for various kinds of dry, bulk and special project cargo in all tonnages.
  • Issuing needed Delivery orders to receivers for them to proceed with Clearance and customs formalities of cargo, all depending on collecting of endorsed original Bills of Ladings from receivers’ side and getting Clearance from Carrier to Release same.
  • Around the clock supervision and monitoring of vessel cargo handling at port.
  • Stevedoring Services are contracted on the market based on best prices and highest quality provided in Egyptian Ports.
  • Shore Cranes and Floating Cranes for Discharging Heavy Lift Units.
  • Survey/tally services for cargo and ship.
  • Handling of all Cargo documents with Master upon finishing Loading/Discharging.
  • Hiring Specialized trucking/stevedoring companies to handle Heavy Lift projects in which there is an esteemed and long relationship with EMCO and Trucking Companies.
  • Warehousing/Storage of cargo in port/EMCO stores until Clearance and customs formalities are finished from receivers’ side.

Technical / Surveys Services

Our Services

EMCO covers all technical services all over Egyptian Ports. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the understanding that efficiency and punctuality are the key to the success of its clients.

  • Technical Navigation.
  • Dry Docking.
  • Maintenance and repair of vessel electronic equipment.
  • Supply Services. (Supply vessel with all needed supplies from bunkering to ropes and charts)
  • Fire damage.
  • Engine parts.
  • Repair survey
  • Under Water Inspection.
  • Provision and installation of spares.
  • Cargo survey including sampling.
  • Draught survey.
  • On-hire / Off-hire Surveys.
  • Cargo gear surveys.
  • Class Services.
  • Condition Surveys.
  • Classification survey & Certification.
  • Towage Surveys.
  • Damage Surveys.
  • Cargo surveys.
  • Bunker surveys.
  • Hull and machinery.
  • Cargo loss Surveys.
  • Holds and Tanks Cleanliness.
  • Supervision of Marine contractors and ship repairs.

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