History emco
  • 1937

    Captain Farouk Abdullah

    Captain Farouk Abdullah was born in Cairo, Egypt

  • 1956

    Naval Academy

    Captain Farouk joined the Naval Academy

  • 1960

    Naval Academy

    Captain Farouk graduated from the Naval Academy

  • 1970

    the master

    Captain Farouk obtained the master (F.G.)

  • 1974

    Suez Canal

    Captain Farouk retired from the Egyptian Navy #Captain Farouk joined the Suez Canal Authority as a Pilot and after 3 years he was promoted to major pilot

  • 1979


    MEMA (Mediterranean Egyptian Maritime Agencies) was established to serve between south coast of Europe and Red Sea plus Gulf ports and after 1 year Captain Farouk retired from Suez Canal Authority.

  • 1992


    EMCO (Egyptian Maritime Consultant Office) was created as an extension to MEMA

  • 1998

    maritime agency license

    EMCO obtained a maritime agency license as full maritime agent for unlimited GRT valid for all Egyptian ports

  • 2004

    Eng, Hesham Abdullah

    Eng, Hesham Abdullah became Emco’s CEO

  • 2007

    EMCO Logistics

    EMCO Logistics was created to offer logistic solutions to our clients

  • 2012

    Eng. Mohamed Afifi

    Eng. Mohamed Afifi joined EMCO

  • 2015

    Randa Abdullah

    Randa Abdullah, Captain Farouk’s daughter and Eng. Hesham’s wife, became EMCO’s CEO. She was EMCO’s CFO since its establishment.

  • 2016

    EMCO Trans

    EMCO Trans was established with our own fleet of low-beds

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