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AbuQir is a strict military port located on the West coast of Abu Qir bay 30km North East of Alexandria. It is primarily used by naval vessels, commercial activity includes the handling of dry bulk, metals and foodstuffs. 

Navigation and
Geographic Location

Approach Area

The port can be approached from Desuki Island Lighthouse (Geziret Disuqi, Nelson's Island), in position Lat. 31° 22′ N, Long. 030° 06′ E. The entrance channel to the port is marked by buoys with a depth of 10 meters.

Pilotage is compulsory and available between 0900–1600 hrs. Vessels should call Abu Qir Pilot Station or Abu Qir Port Control 2 hours before arrival at the pilot boarding area. Pilot boarding area is centred on position Lat. 31° 20′ N, Long. 030° 09′ E. 

Abu Qir Port information

Port Specifications

Total Area 8.4 sq.km
Water Area 6.8 sq.km
Land Area 1.6 sq.km
Customs Zone 0.9 sq.km.
Maximum Port Length 4.8 km.
Maximum Port width 2 km

Maximum Capacity 36.8 million ton/year
Details as follows

General Cargo 17.8 million ton
Dry Bulk 10.8 million ton
Liquefied Bulk 4.3 million ton
Containerized Cargo 3.9 million ton
TEU Capacity 500000

Abu Qir Port Properties

VHF Channel 11 13 16
ISPS Code 17350
Body of Water Mediterranean Sea
Latitude 31 19N
Longitude 30 40E
Time Zone GMT +2
Nearest Airport Alexandria Burg El Arab (HBE)
Working Hours 24 Hours
Max Draft 11m
Max Length 300m
Tidal Range 0.46 m
Weather North Eastern Wind throughout the year. 2-3 m/s in summer and rainy 5-7 m/s in winter
Water Density 1.030 g/cm3

Port Restrictions

  • Very strict military port
  • No maneuvering after sunset 
  • No shifting pontoons allowed ashore. Pontoons can only be shifted on vessel’s deck and cannot be offloaded on Quay. In case needed, Trucks must be arranged to offload pontoons on them if no place on deck for shifted pontoons after needed permits being granted
  • Painting is not allowed and can only be performed at shipyard quay
  • Welding & hot works can only be performed through agency by approved company after granting port permits
  • No Hotworks after sunset
  • Washing/Cleaning and any pollution leading activities are not allowed

Abu Qir Port Terminals and Berths


Terminal Availability
Breakbulk available
Container Not Available
Drybulk available
Gas Not Available
Liquid Not Available
Tanker Not Available
Passenger Not Available
RoRo Not Available


Berth Type Number of Berths Berths Number Length (m) Depth (m)
General Cargo 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 300 11
Total 5 - 1500 -

Abu Qir Port Services

Abu Qir services

Service Availability
Fresh Water available
Bunkering available
Provisions & Spare Parts available
Fumigation available
Dirty Ballast Reception available
Waste/Garbage Removal available
Sludge Removal available
Storage Facilities available
Cash To Master available
Crew Change available
Dangerous Cargo on Board available
Floating Crane available
Pilotage & Tugging available
Underwater Cleaning available
Repair not available
Security available
Safety Services available
Rescue Operation available
Medical Capabilities available
Fire Fighting available
Pollution Combating available

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