OUR Projects

Previous & Current Projects handled by Emco Logistics as example.

El Ahram yearly Race consisting of large numbers of vehicles and motorbykes.
Rexam Beverage Can.
6 Oct. City – Handled the main oversize and heavy units arrived to the plant.
Petroleum project for El Salam phase 2 – 3 at Khalda field western desert for account of Petrofac.
Power Station for Zaafarana for account of Gameza – Spain.
Exports operation to South Africa for account of Sumitomo- Japan.

Cement projects export factories components by using Emco vessel’s :-

** To Dangoti / Nigeria appx. 80000 FRT.

** Export components of Cement factory for account of Orascom- phase 1 appx. 100000 FRT and we are currently handling phase 2 which is about 100000 FRT.

** Export Cement factory to Costa Rica appx. 50000 FRT for account of Aresco.