Capt. Farouk Abdullah, EMCO founder, being an ex-navy commander and an ex-major Suez canal pilot, started the private agency activities on 1979 under the name MEMA (Mediterranean Egyptian Maritime Company).

In 1992, the new company EMCO was established with offices covering major Egyptian ports.

EMCO employs highly professional staff for all diverse activities covering major Egyptian ports.

EMCO founder:-

 Capt. Farouk Ahmed Abdullah

Born in 1937 Cairo-Egypt.
He Joined Naval Academy in 1956.
And Graduated from the Naval Academy in 1960.
He then worked in different naval units, obtained the master (F.G.) in 1970.
Capt. Farouk Retired from Egyptian Navy in 1974.
And Joined Suez Canal Authority in 1974.
He Worked as pilot till 1977.
Promoted to be a major pilot for all ships tonnages.
Capt Faoul Retired from Suez Canal Authority in 1980.
And Obtained a license as a marine surveyor for ships Hull & Cargo from Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority.

Started working in shipping business, established and a partner for the following shipping companies:
  • Mediterranean Egyptian maritime agencies (MEMA)
    Established in 1979 to serve between south coast of Europe and Red Sea plus Gulf ports.
  • International Transport and Marine Service (ITAMCO)
    Established in 1983, this company was a joint venture between the Egyptian side and Merzario lines but the Italian share was sold to Compagnee Maritime Belgique CMB Antwerp-Belgium.
    It is a forwarding plus custom clearing and land transportation company, this company was managed by one of his partners.
  • ASECO Egypt Shipping
    Established in 1995 ,this company was a joint venture between Egyptian side and ASECO Antwerp-Belgium, the company was liquidated on 2001.
  • Egyptian Maritime Consultant Office EMCO
    Established in 1992 as an extension for MEMA.
  • Obtained a maritime agency license on June 1998 as full maritime agency for unlimited GRT valid for all Egyptian ports on July 1998.
  • Egyptian government issued a new law for privatization of the maritime sector, State agents are no more obligatory to be used, The company is a family company and managed by Capt. Farouk Abdullah